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The Michigan Foreclosure Task Force (MFTF) was created in 2007 to respond to the foreclosure crisis by serving as a statewide clearinghouse for foreclosure-related information and providing a unified voice in promoting public policy to respond to the crisis. The MFTF was focused on reducing the number of foreclosures, keeping families, including homeowners and renters, in their homes and softening the impact of unpreventable foreclosures on families, neighborhoods and communities. 

The MFTF was meant to be a temporary task force. Initial plans were for the task force to exist for five years. After five years, the membership decided the MFTF’s work was not done. In 2017, the MFTF’s activities transferred to the Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project, a long-time partner of the MFTF.


Updated on February 17, 2017.